Time to enjoy Greener Outdoor Parties.

It may seem that the occasional use of disposable picnic supplies is a harmless habit, but when one considers how many picnics and outdoor parties are being held each day around the world, it becomes clear that we must all take steps to make our events easier on the environment by using reusable or biodegradable dining supplies.
The best option for outdoor dining would be the use of reusable dishes and utensils. It's both environmentally friendly, and certainly more convenient to eat off a sturdy plate. Packing the reusable dishes is easy with the use of baskets with handles, and the cloth napkins can be used as your packing material, keeping dishes and glassware from getting chipped during transport. Roll up your silverware in another napkin, and place your fabric tablecloth on top to keep everything safe and secure. Another bonus of using reusable supplies at your outdoor event is that it turns a regular picnic into a party in the out of doors.
When the use of reusable supplies is not available or practical, there are many biodegradable picnic supplies now available. There are dishes made of sugarcane pulp, clear drinking glasses made of corn, and eating utensils made from potato. Each of these supplies are biodegradable and available at many party supply stores, as well as on line at companies such as Excellent Packaging (www.ExcellentPackaging.com), or Tree Cycle (www.Treecycle.com). The cost of biodegradable products is a bit more than the mass produced products that we've seen for years, but it is certainly worth the few extra cents when we consider the impact on the environment.
When planning your next outdoor party or event, please skip the plastic rolls of table covers, and consider purchasing rolls of butcher wrap, or use your own fabric table cloths or an old sheet.

There are many other outdoor entertaining hints to consider:
* Hold your event during the day to avoid the need for electricity.
* Use candles in canning jars should you need outdoor lighting.
* Use recycled items for your centerpieces and decorations
* Use items from nature, such as rocks and pine cones, for your place cards.
* Avoid the use of latex or mylar balloons or supplies.
* Use only paper supplies if additional decorations are needed
* Place your event under the trees to take advantage of the shade on sunny days.
* Use a large glass water containers with glasses rather than providing individual water bottles.
* Recycle all supplies at the end of your event
* Compost your leftover food
* Leave the party location cleaner than how you found it. Never leave trash behind.

Enjoy the coming warm weather with plenty of outdoor entertaining - and be kind to the earth at the same time. Think Green when planning your next party or event.

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