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Providing a glass for your guests can save on glassware at your upcoming wedding or special event. Depending on your theme, you can choose a mason jar, as shown in the photo, or you can offer a wine glass, with or without stem.  Stemless glasses can be used for cocktails, lemonade or wine.  
A tag or label may be added to the glasses to assist guests in locating their glasses, and will encourage guests to use this glass throughout the event.
Now and then glasses will be lost or broken, so plan to provide extras.
Doing little things like reducing the number of glasses or plastic cups used at your wedding or special event can make your special day greener.

Re-purposed Dinnerware Now Beautiful Dessert Trays

Re-purposed Dinnerware - Now Beautiful Dessert Trays
These recycled dinnerware pieces were made into lovely dessert trays. 
Drilling the holes in the center of the plates was not super easy, but with patience we were successful.
A metal dowel runs through the center of the beads and plates.
Storage is easy since the trays disassemble.

Give it a try, or let us help you.
Events Extraordinaire is happy to help.

Holiday Wedding Design


Holiday weddings are gorgeous!  The sparkle of
twinkle lights will add to the beauty of your winter
season wedding.
Many venues already have some holiday decor
set up, so add a few personal touches, and
enjoy your holiday season wedding.

We can assist you in designing your wedding -
at any time of year.

Contact Events Extraordinaire for more information or assistance.  Design and attention to detail are our specialty.  We can assist you in designing a dream of a day while being kind to the environment.

Eco Friendly Historic Wedding Locations

From Historic Barn to One of a Kind Wedding Chapel
How could anyone not fall in love with this lovely wedding chapel?  It certainly was Love at First Sight for me!
The Union Hill Inn, in Sonora, California, has created a special One of A Kind wedding chapel on its sprawling ranch that includes a reception hall, 2 extra large pavilions, a charming fire pit, and an inn that will make you never want to return to real life.  And the best part is that you get to use the ranch for the entire weekend, and there is room to stretch out and breathe in the fresh air.
Another of our favorite things about the Union Hill Inn is that it is a Green Event Venue.  The property owners have recycled the barns and structures on the ranch, giving them soft makeovers, such as stained glass windows in the chapel barn, which once served as a milking barn.
All linens, dishware, glassware, decorations are available for use, and the sharing of decorations and vases are encouraged.  
We can assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams while being kinder to the environment, and so can The Union Hill Inn.  
Our team at Events Extraordinaire has provided wedding planning services to over 40 weddings at the Union Hill Inn and would love to help you with yours.  

Reuse and Recycle Vases

Use recycled containers when available
Choosing the perfect container for your table's centerpiece can be challenging, especially when you are trying to create the perfect look, and trying to be environmentally aware, but using recycled, or previously used vases can make the task easier.

Many florists, wedding planners and even some event venues have containers that you may rent or borrow.  Ask your vendors before purchasing new vases or containers for your table decor.  

Events Extraordinaire always tries to make your special day beautiful, while being kind to the environment.  Visit us on Facebook for ideas and photos, or visit our web site for 25 tips on Greener Weddings.

Beautiful rainbow after a summer rain shower

A Lovely Rainbow after the Rain Shower.  Beautiful!
Wedding pictured was at Rancho Vista Sonora, Sonora, California
Rancho Vista Sonora, Sonora CA

Eco Friendly Seating Charts

From baby crib to seating chart

Finding a creative way to display your seating chart can be challenging, especially if you are trying to Think Green.  This photo shows a great way of displaying your seating assignments.  The individual table assignments are printed on paper, and attached to a reclaimed baby crib springs with wooden clothes pins.
It was fun to see the expressions on the faces of the guests as they recognized the metal frame.
Your wedding planner can help you find items to use to display your seating chart - we are always happy to help.
Contact Events Extraordinaire at for ideas. 

Repurposed and Recycled Decorations

This arrangement looked lovely in the chapel of the Union Hill Inn, Sonora, CA.  The vases were made from recycled jars, wrapped in cord, and each vase
had a vintage brooch attached to the front.  These jars were moved from the ceremony area to the reception, providing one arrangement to serve two purposes.  The bride did a wonderful job of working in "Green ideas" into her wedding planning.
Each small action in making your wedding Greener is important.
Check with us if you'd like information on making your special event more gentle to the environment.  Green Event Planning is our speciality.
Events Extraordinaire Wedding and Event Planning will help make your day spectacular and still kind to the environment.

Green Wedding on a Mountain Top

You can make small changes to your wedding plans and make your event spectacular while still being kinder to the environment.
The pictured wedding was held at High Camp in Squaw Valley, California. The bride chose to bring her own reusable napkins, in the color of her choice, and she also provided the centerpieces.  She chose live plants in reusable metal containers.  She returned home after the wedding and planted the plants in her garden, and after 9 years she is still using the metal containers for parties and special events. These containers have been used dozens of times since her special wedding day.
Think outside the box when you choose your wedding decorations.  Using live plants is a Green Idea, and is always better than using cut flowers that may have traveled hundreds of miles to be used for your one event.  With a little planning you can plant the types of flowers you desire, and use the flowers from your garden for your arrangements rather than using imported flowers should you choose cut flowers over live plants.
Events Extraordinaire specializes in Greener Event Planning ideas, and we are always happy to assist you in making your day special and eco-friendly.  Let us know if you need ideas or assistance.

Fun and Eco Friendly Decorations for your Party

These baby clothes are much cuter than most hanging decorations available from
your local party supply stores.
The baby gifts are displayed for the enjoyment of the guests,
plus they add decorations to the room.
This was a wonderful "Green" idea, and we can offer
many more "Eco Friendly" party planning ideas.
Give us a call, we are always happy to assist.

Wonderful use of second hand books

The bride and groom from this wedding  searched through used book stores, finding a variety of books, many of which had special meaning to the couple, and the books, along with hand made book marks, were given to the wedding guests as a wedding favor
The display was creative, and the gifts were appreciated by the guests. Need any suggestions for Greener favors or decorations for your wedding or party?  Let us help. We can assist you in making  your special day memorable and personal and gentle to the environment.

Unique Green Party Locations

Have you ever thought of holding your next gathering at a special outdoor location? Why not hold your next party at some place like a historic site (like the pictured location of Knight's Ferry Bridge). Small gatherings work in unexpected locations such as the picnic area, and larger gatherings can be held in these areas with special permission.

Museums, historic parks and local recreation areas make great party venues, and as long as you are gentle to the grounds, it is a great Green idea.
Use blankets and have every one eat Picnic Style, or provide fabric tablecloths and use the property's existing picnic tables.
Bring your dishes from home, or purchase biodegradable picnic supplies and make the food service easy on the environment.  Be sure to clean up thoroughly before leaving the property to make sure it's perfect for your next visit.
Contact us for additional party planning ideas that are easy on the environment and fun.
Events Extraordinaire Party and Event Planning.  

Reusing supplies

   Using washable and reusable dishes, glasses, silverware and linens is a great way to make your event or wedding "Greener". Some venues, like the Union Hill Inn, in Sonora, California, provides these items for their events at no extra cost, and not only does the event look spectacular, there is much less waste from each wedding or party.
Contact your local rental company if your venue doesn't provide these items, or check around with friends and family - maybe you will be able to collect all the dishes and glasses you will need!
Linens may also be rented or borrowed. Imagine a beautiful room filled with a collection of old lace tablecloths, or maybe mix-matched vintage dinette cloths.
Reuse, Reduce and Recycle - Consider these ideas when planning your next party.
Call Events Extraordinaire if you need ideas or any other assistance.
We are always happy to help!

Green and Eco Friendly Party Planning

Having a Green or Eco Friendly Event doesn't mean the decorations need to be boring, it means you will have chosen decorations and food that are still spectacular, while being kind to the environment.
There are some people who don't stop to think that the choices they have made for their "little party" could be harmful to the environment, after all it's just "one" little party. Have they stopped to consider how many "little parties" are being held each day of each year. These small events add up to alot of plastic and non-biodegradable items being added to the landfills. By making a few small adjustments to your party planning choices you can make a huge positive impact to our environment.
Consider making the following changes to your next party:
1. Use fabric linens rather than plastic table cloths.
2. Use washable dishes rather than disposible, especially don't use styrofoam.
3. Use items you already have around your home for decorations rather than purchasing items you will discard.
4. Eat locally grown organic foods if available.
5. Have a daytime event which saves electricity.
6. Use the telephone or email to send out invitations to the event, saving paper (and money for postage, too)
7. Use unamplified (acoustic) music for your event.
8. Pass out hand fans if it's warm, or small blankets as lap throws if it's cold, rather than turning up the heat or air conditioning.
9. Use edible or useful favors. Cookies in a paper envelope make a great party favor!
10. Use live plants as centerpieces, and give to guests as they leave, or plant in your garden after the party.
Have fun, be creative, and call Events Extraordinaire if you need help planning your next event.
209-352-0429 or visit us online at

Small Changes Make Event Planning More Eco Friendly

Take a moment and consider how your choice in
party decorations, favors and food could be affecting the environment. There are eco friendly alternatives for all your party planning needs. Consider re-usable dishes, eating utensils, glassware, decorations (possibly already recycled), fabric table covers (or leave uncovered where possible) and napkins. Avoid plastic decorations which will likely be used once, and then thrown away. If disposable items are required, please consider using recycled paper or biodegradable products, which are becoming more widely available.
Notice the photo above shows the wedding favor is a recycled cardboard box (which contains cookies), and the centerpieces are live plants in a reusable container.
Check with your wedding or event planner for suggestions on making your event Spectacular - and Eco Friendly!

Visit your local Farmer's Market

Using items from your garden or from the local farmers market will make feeding your guests and decorating your party a breeze - and will be more eco-friendly, too.

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with a gathering of friends and family.

Contact us for assistance in planning your next event.

Time to enjoy Greener Outdoor Parties.

It may seem that the occasional use of disposable picnic supplies is a harmless habit, but when one considers how many picnics and outdoor parties are being held each day around the world, it becomes clear that we must all take steps to make our events easier on the environment by using reusable or biodegradable dining supplies.
The best option for outdoor dining would be the use of reusable dishes and utensils. It's both environmentally friendly, and certainly more convenient to eat off a sturdy plate. Packing the reusable dishes is easy with the use of baskets with handles, and the cloth napkins can be used as your packing material, keeping dishes and glassware from getting chipped during transport. Roll up your silverware in another napkin, and place your fabric tablecloth on top to keep everything safe and secure. Another bonus of using reusable supplies at your outdoor event is that it turns a regular picnic into a party in the out of doors.
When the use of reusable supplies is not available or practical, there are many biodegradable picnic supplies now available. There are dishes made of sugarcane pulp, clear drinking glasses made of corn, and eating utensils made from potato. Each of these supplies are biodegradable and available at many party supply stores, as well as on line at companies such as Excellent Packaging (, or Tree Cycle ( The cost of biodegradable products is a bit more than the mass produced products that we've seen for years, but it is certainly worth the few extra cents when we consider the impact on the environment.
When planning your next outdoor party or event, please skip the plastic rolls of table covers, and consider purchasing rolls of butcher wrap, or use your own fabric table cloths or an old sheet.

There are many other outdoor entertaining hints to consider:
* Hold your event during the day to avoid the need for electricity.
* Use candles in canning jars should you need outdoor lighting.
* Use recycled items for your centerpieces and decorations
* Use items from nature, such as rocks and pine cones, for your place cards.
* Avoid the use of latex or mylar balloons or supplies.
* Use only paper supplies if additional decorations are needed
* Place your event under the trees to take advantage of the shade on sunny days.
* Use a large glass water containers with glasses rather than providing individual water bottles.
* Recycle all supplies at the end of your event
* Compost your leftover food
* Leave the party location cleaner than how you found it. Never leave trash behind.

Enjoy the coming warm weather with plenty of outdoor entertaining - and be kind to the earth at the same time. Think Green when planning your next party or event.

Spring is here and it's time to THINK GREEN!

Party planning is wonderful fun. It is a chance to be creative and festive. It is time to allow your imagination soar with ideas of delicious food and beautiful surrounds. Let yourself enjoy these moments of creativity, but then, as you start to write down your ideas, and begin to shop for supplies, take a moment to compare traditional party planning ideas with Eco-friendly and Greener party planning suggestions.

I've mentioned before, in earlier posts, that many years ago it was common that a special party or wedding required little more than serving a special dessert. Outdoor events were held in daylight hours, or lit with lanterns and campfires. No streamers, confetti or plastic party favors were required. Over the past few decades, though, a move has been made from hosting environmentally friendly, yet marvelous parties, to a trend where excessive decorations were widely used. It common now to browse the party supply stores where you can stock up on every imaginable form of decoration. While this does create a festive atmosphere for the party, it also creates a huge amount of waste at the end of the event.

I'd like to request that you stop a moment, think over your theme and budget, and see if there are any changes you can make to your planning that may be kinder to the environment. Stop to ask yourself if you really need the mylar confetti and latex balloons. Would your Luau be just as fun if you used Real Pineapples as your centerpieces, rather than the plastic versions available at the discount supply store? Can you cover your tables in fabrics your already have, possibly covered with gunny sack toppers? Candles as your centerpieces will provide lighting, and will not need to be tossed away at the end of the event the way a paper palm-tree centerpiece would be. Skip the streamers, balloons and confetti. Embrace the use of reusable dishware, table linens, centerpieces and other decorations.

Events Extraordinaire specializes in Eco-friendly or Greener Party and Wedding planning. Give us a call if you would like assistance planning your next party, or just need suggestions. We are always happy to help.

Have fun planning your next party - and Think Green.

Green or Eco Friendly Events are our specialty.
We can help make your green event spectacular while being gentle to the environment.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Embrace the season and bring nature's bounty to your decorating theme. Use live plants inside pumpkins, or fill baskets or bowls with apples, nuts, pinecones or other produce. Choose a theme such as pumpkins and repeat the theme in your artwork and details.

Let nature be your guide and bring the outdoors in. It's creative and more eco friendly. Contact your wedding planner for additional seasonal decorating ideas.

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